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Eight Ways to Create a Luxurious Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Executing a wedding day that feels luxurious and timeless can be tricky, especially while sticking to a tight budget. We are here for you! Our team is full of ideas to elevate your big day in budget friendly ways. We've gathered up a list of things that will make your wedding feel like a top-notch experience for you and all your guests.

✨ Choose a photographer who has a classic/editorial style focused on capturing timeless poses and sweet detail shots. Their bright, true to color images of your special day will stand the test of time. Trust us, someday they will become treasured family heirlooms!

✨ Go with all white florals and bouquets for an effortlessly chic look. We also suggest having your baker incorporate them into your cake for an extra touch of luxury!

✨ We recommend booking a beautiful hotel room to get ready in with your girls. The photos will be stunning! Here at the Avent Orangery, we offer just that as part of our Silver and Gold packages. Explore them here.

✨ Make use of Oscar seating or a mix of traditional along with Oscar. It makes the room feel very full! This also works well if you plan to have your ceremony in the same space as your reception. It will make for a quick and easy room flip during your cocktail hour! At our venue, we take care of that for you!

✨ Rent a stage for added elegance. We love installations and buildouts-- our space is the perfect blank canvas to incorporate such luxurious details. A stage can be used for a live band, a head table during reception or as the perfect ceremony spot. It gives your guests a great view of all the excitement!

✨ If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, we love the idea of including handheld fans on each chair for guests. These can be plain and simple or personalized, and add such a nice and thoughtful touch!

✨ Include a champagne tower pour during the reception. We find that this is a fantastic way to get the party started, and make for fabulous photos!

✨ Do an outfit change during the reception to something more comfortable to dance in and is ideal for your exit photos. We suggest finding a classic white cocktail dress or jumpsuit. Bonus points if you switch up your hair too!

Lucky for you, we have photos from a real Avent Orangery wedding that achieved this chic and timeless look perfectly, and they made it seem effortless!

Photos by Beth & Melissa

Interested in planning a wedding in our space? Set up a tour today and let us know what aesthetic you're going for. We can connect you with planners and decoraters who are talented and will work with on executing the day of your dreams!

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