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What to Expect on your Venue Tour at the Avent Orangery

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

You're engaged! Yay! First off, congratulations- We are so thrilled for you! At this point, you might be asking yourself, "Now what?" And we've got you! From our experience, researching and touring venues is typically first on the list in the wedding planning journey! It's such an exciting decision to make, and usually helps determine the overall look and feel of your wedding day.

Maybe you've visited several venues already or maybe you're just starting the process and the Avent Orangery is first on your list (we're totally honored btw!). Either way, we want you to feel comfortable sharing your dreams and asking absolutely anything during your time with us. To help you make the most of your tour, we recommend reading through the list below and jotting down your questions before you visit.

Check it out!

👉 When you arrive, you’ll meet one of our Venue Directors inside the Avent Orangery! Right off the bat, we’ll want to find out what you’re dreaming of for your big day! We love knowing what you've got in mind, so we can help make it your dream wedding day. Here’s where the fun begins…

👉 We’ll show you around the space and give you all the logistics and details, including what ideas and layouts we have seen work well in our space! We often touch on our preferred and recommended vendor lists during this portion of the tour. You can also find those here on our website for later reference.

👉 After you've fully taken the space in, we'll give you the opportunity to ask plenty of questions! We want you to start imagining your wedding day the moment you walk in, so we keep the convo open to hearing your ideas and thoughts! We want to help make your dream happen!

👉 Next, we’ll head over to the Chateau Avalon Hotel bar patio to show you a possible option for your rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour. The patio is gorgeous, and such a great hangout spot throughout your weekend festivities!

👉 Then, we’ll check out the inside of the hotel, where we'll show you a few hotel suites that are included in some of our wedding packages. Our rooms make beautiful spaces to get ready in with your bridal party or groomsmen! See more about our packages here.

👉 We’ll finish up by letting you ask any last questions you can think of. We'll also let you know that we’ll be in touch soon! Lastly, we always follow up with an email, which includes all the details in a PDF document for you to look over! This is a great chance for you to ask any questions that came up since your visit.

Don't have a tour scheduled yet? Click here to pick a date and time that works best for you. We can't wait to meet you!

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