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Our Story

The visionary behind the Chateau Avalon Hotel, Steve Beaumont, dreamed of bringing the best of Europe to the Midwest. It all began in 1999 with the vision of a French chateau sitting upon a hilltop beside a beautiful fountain. And now that the Chateau Avalon has brought that to life, what completes the dream? An orangery. The Avent Orangery truly is one of a kind, as the very first orangery in the United States.


Orangeries first emerged in the 16th century in the gardens of Italian homes. The purpose of the structure was to house exotic plants from the weather and allow for a healthy growing environment, similar to a greenhouse. Such plants included citrus trees, like orange trees, thus where it gets its name. Over time, orangeries became more popular throughout Europe as glassmaking technology improved to make more impressive structures. Because of the price and commodity of the materials, orangeries became symbols of wealth, sitting proudly in the gardens of country homes and castles.

In 2017, Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, got married in a breathtaking orangery at Bucklebury Manor in England. Our A-Vent Orangery was designed with similar construction to the Bucklebury Manor, which makes it the perfect site for your very own royal wedding here in Kansas City.

Pippa Middleton wedding.jpeg

Bucklebury Manor, Berkshire, England

True Love

A-Vent Orangery, Kansas City, Kansas

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